At Arro Decor our mission is to offer affordable, high quality custom fabrics, trim and hardware. Arro Decor´s designs reflect the personality, needs and wants of every client.

We are a professional design company with flexible approach matched by commitment to quality and innovation.

We have both the raw talent innovative thinking to design according to the needs of the client backed by experienced team. We have a track record of meeting deadlines set. Our professionals understand the sensitivity involved in aspects such as color, materials and workmanship.

Our philosophy is to create timeless designs with quality materials, products and services that reflect their client's vision of their ideal home. We are known for our creativity, style and more importantly, our listening skills. All projects begin with an intensive interview to define a client's expectations, wishes and needs.

Why Arro Décor

1. Individual — Personally Ready-Made
You are the artist of your self-expression. Arro Decor offers you the best means to convey your individualism. The end result being professional and pride worthy.

2. Stylish — Fashionable in any décor
From window treatments to bed treatment, Arro Decor is designed with great style in mind. Contemporary, traditional, eclectic – no matter where your taste falls, you'll find your style.

3. Innovative — Adaptable to any window style or hardware
Why go out shopping to find the right-sized draperies only to end up disappointed? Why settle for designs that aren't just what you want? When you buy from us, everything fits exactly right and looks just the way you want it.

4. Creative — Simplicity in mixing and matching
We know you want your home to express your style, your way. By arranging materials in compatible groups, we’ve made it easy to mix and match our products to further compliment your décor. Coordinate colors. Combine patterns. Mingle textures. The results can be spectacular and uniquely yours.

5. Versatile — Interchangeable for fresh new looks
Time changes so do our tastes. Arro Decor provides you the luxury of altering drapery styles to reflect your mood swings. They can be rearranged for fresh new looks.

6. Practical — Easy disassembly for relocating and cleaning
Unique to other custom products, Arro Decor offer easy disassembly for relocating and cleaning. Enjoy the commitment-free custom look. When it’s time for cleaning, simply take them apart and present them to the dry cleaning facility of your choice. It’s that convenient.

7. Affordable — Beauty within any budget
With Arro Decor, you always get custom look without paying custom price. We've selected the fine materials to offer you great looks and great selection at great price. In addition, some of our products are reversible — two looks for the cost of one.

8. Hesitant about creating your own decor?
Once you get to know us — you'll find it's easy and fun. "No Muss, No Fuss". We utilize an exceptional velcro that makes our products foolproof. You’ll get the professional result at the first time and every time.

9. Expert professionals to assist you
We're here to help. If you need design advice, assembly service, installation service or just want a helping hand, give us a call.

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